Section of Nabari no Ou Chapter 51 "Kids Really Are..." by Yen Press, Yuhki Kamatani
Miharu: I remembered... what I did. I... "erased" a person.
Yukimi: So this fuzzy feeling I've got... isn't 'cos I lost my arm. The secret art... Now that someone's actually used it, I'm kinda disappointed. It's kinda just like... ten years ago. The possessor of the secret art ten years ago erased "memories" from the Nabari World too. Well, I guess the effects of it, the reasons for it, and stuff were different.
Miharu: ...Memories? No. I promised to erase that person's "existence". And I... think I did. Not just the memories of that person... his past, everything.
Yukimi: But that's weird, right? Wouldn't erasing his existence mean that the fact you "erased" him has to disappear too? But you remember that you erased him. And I'm aware that I forgot about him. Right?
Miharu: I didn't... just grant that person's wish. I also granted... a wish... for myself. I didn't want to erase his "existence"? Because I wanted to live... with...? Him. Then why did I choose this? I... wasn't strong enough. If I still had memories of him, if he still had a shape in my mind... then I couldn't have gone on living. But... why? I've forgotten about him, but... it feels like there's a big hole in my heart...
Yukimi: It's 'cos you miss him. Oh! Now I get it! I feel so much better. So that's what's going on! Ain't like me at all either. Missing someone, that is.
Miharu: Oh... So I "miss" him...
Yukimi: I... ain't gonna blame you for what you did. You were so indifferent about everything, but this was enough to get you to use the secret art. That just shows how big a part of your life he was. Think of it like that, and forget about him. For your sake and for his sake. It's okay. It's possible he's still alive, and you'll run into him somewhere. Just wait... until you can stand and walk on your own. Okay?
Miharu: ...I'm so sorry...
Yukimi: This... is why kids really are...

"Death is…"

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Official art by Yuhki Kamatani, Nabari no Ounot a fanart, people! see the signature? can’t tell you how many people thought this wasn’t real it’s heartbreaking

"I won’t let go…"

i’ll be for you // a mix for yoite and miharu

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